Start building a brand, not just a business.

Use this step-by-step workbook so that you can stand out, attract the right customers, and create a successful brand people love! 


"My brand was all over the place. Using the guide gave me a clear understanding of what it really takes to build brand, and the elements needed to put it together effectively. It’s awesome and every business owner needs to get this."

Matt R.

You're Google-ing all the things about "how to create a brand"... and still trying to make sense of it.

Is it a promise? Is it your reputation? Is it your logo? 

Branding shouldn't be overwhelming. πŸ€·πŸ½‍♀️

But building a brand is critical to the success of your business.

Without one, you’ll struggle with gaining trust, earning loyalty, and growing long-term

And whether you realize it or not, you already have a brand. πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Here’s the thing:

Your BRAND is a customer’s perception of your business— how they feel about it and how they experience it.

Because of this, you need to stand out. β­

And BRANDING is how you shape the customer's perception in a distinct way—so that you’re THE go-to choice over the competitors.

It's A LOT more than just a logo and colors.

You’re probably thinking…

Okay, where do I start? What are all the steps? Can I do this myself? I need more coffee. 

Pour that coffee or tea, my friend, and let’s tackle this together.

My guide to building your brand will show you how, step-by-step. πŸŽ―

The workbook is full of important action items to get you the right path for branding your business.

It's easy to follow—no reading between the lines or fuzzy concepts.

In fact, it will help you learn about who YOU are and build the brand around that.

"Thank you for this great piece of content. It's one of the most advanced and well-designed guides I have come across. It's clear to me that you know branding! "

Maria Z.
Marketing Manager

Use This Guide To Effectively Build Your Own Brand, Including How To:

  • Determine your purpose, promises, and the problem you solve—so that you can lead with your Why.
  • Define your target audience, so that you can focus on who exactly you are trying to reach.

  • Craft a clear and concise mission statement that defines your purpose and the value you provide.

  • Research other brands within your industry in order to understand how you differentiate from them.
  • Find the elements of your brand voice and personality that resonate the most with your customers or clients.
  • And so much more!
It's all action, no fluff!
(Plus, scroll to see BONUS material below)

"One of the most useful resources that I've ever read. This helped me a lot - you are a hero!"

Joy T.
Business Owner

With the Ultimate Guide to Building Your Brand, you also receive the following bonuses:

βœ…  BONUS #1

How to Interview Ideal Customers 

Gain insights on what your customers really need and desire, or how they already think about your business - so that you can tailor the right brand experience and communication just for them.

Includes scripts and actual questions to ask!

βœ…  BONUS #2

How to Measure Brand Marketing Metrics

Learn what numbers matter most for your brand growth, both for sales conversion and brand awareness - so that you can measure smart goals for success.

Includes a glossary of all the key terms you need to know!

βœ…  BONUS #3

How to Set Social Media Growth Goals

Set the right measurable, achievable, and relevant goals for brand building with social media marketing - so that you see a return on all your efforts.

Includes examples for each type of growth goal!



"Your content is spot on, well done. The organization of branding concepts is very clean. Thanks for putting together a great product!"

Curtis R.

"I absolutely love this guide. I've had a tricky time trying to position my brand but this has totally given me some direction. It's super easy to work with, thank you!"

Gladys M.

 Hello there! 

I'm Sonia Chopra Gregory, CEO & Brand Strategist, and I believe the ultimate success of any business is becoming a BRAND.

No matter the size, no matter the industry.

It's what will differentiate you from the competition to attract the exact people who connect with your story and become RAVING fans.

I've worked with hundreds of brands over the last 15 years, in many areas of their brand building experience. My agency, FreshSparks, helps businesses grow through effective brand strategy, identity, and marketing.

Google “how to build a brand” and you’ll see our website come up in the top spots on Page 1 (organic search, no ad spend)!

Are you ready to make a real impact on the world with your extraordinary spark?

I created this actionable guide so that you can start to build a real brand that people love - and generate massive growth for your business.



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